Information Technology Solutions

We know Information Technology (I.T) is the back bone of every business, hence we provide our clients with tailored made I.T solutions. We develop cutting-edge applications solutions tailored to clients needs. This is achieved by partnering with client to do thorough analysis of their needs where their objectives will be achieved with minimal time and cost.

The solutions we promise ranges from developing tailored made software to assist clients administer their businesses and manage their databases. We develop I.T policies that guide against fraud, theft, and disasters etc. We assist clients to recover lost files, encourage clients to make use of cold and hot sites when crises arise for their backup plans and Install networks infrastructures as needed etc.

These services are structured into the following headings:

Business Continuity and Disasters Recovery Planning

Data Mining

Database management

Hardware/Software Installations

Information Systems Audit

Software Designs

Software Development

Systems Integration

Web Designs with Content Development

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