Finance Services

As we have identify with our clients that Finance is a major obstacle and hindrance to every business, LMS provides:

  • Clients with structured credit projection to enable commercial banks gain insight to their business to allow them obtain loan facilities
  • Credit assessments to lenders and give our expert opinion on such matters
  • Teach clients how to manage and grow their own fund with our investments strategies
  • Debt management advise to both individual and firms,
  • Help corporations on recovery

Above all, Lewisham Multi Solution leverage relationships with both local and International banks to assist clients in financing their project at minimal cost. We currently accept mandates from companiesā€™ resident and operating in Lagos state to seek investment opportunities. Then for those with Debt problem, we help them to restructure and mangeĀ  the debt, thus position their finances to do more stronger business

Financial Services:

Investments, Credit Risk Control, Credit Reporting, Debt Management, Agro – Commodity Trading

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