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Recently, both local and International Business are faced with significant pressures from the fast changing taste, innovations, technologies, regulatory, and fickle customers services.

LMS do a thorough investigative research relating to opportunities, threats surrounding products, service, and market to avoid wasting time and resources. We prepare an up-to-date Go-to Market strategic reports with great insight to address the fast changing taste, innovations, technologies, and regulatory environment to attract the fickle customers.

In addition, we noticed that for innovation to take place, people skills and orientation have to change towards the current market trend. Majority of employers are no longer looking to recruiting a novice job seeker due to training cost

LMS engage in career employability and entrepreneurial skills research acquisition training. This training is to bridge the gap on the expected skills institutional academics could not impact to employee to use at work place. We take the burden to up-skill of employee and get them ready based potential job seeker request.

Our target to this end is to partner with the government and other private institution to collaborate with us in up-skilling NYSC graduate during their take this orientation camps program.

These services Includes:

Employability and Entrepreneurial Skills
Research and Development
Career change,
Physical Security and Control Training
Seminars and Workshops
Prepare Feasibility and Management Reports

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