Business Development Services

Setting up a business could be very challenging when off-the–shelf information is not available or adequate for a particular market. Also when Business is set up with little or no pre-plan strategies and polices to guide and govern  it,  Lewisham Multi Solutions (LMS) Ltd  stands to bridge the gap. Our Business Development packages are very robust and are not limited to the following

LMS provides

  • detailed feasibility studies to assist you explore business specifics,
  • assess business in issues relating to risk, market barrier to entry and product out sourcing,
  • assess business in issues relating to product branding, product launching, and promotion strategies etc.

We offer clients the assistance in getting details of how Business operational environment works, these details includes:

  • stakeholder regulatory authorities
  • main competitors and product branding techniques
  • financial cost associated with operating in range of locations
  • help develop control strategies on due diligence and assist in implementing better working strategies.

Our approach is an investigative cultural sensitive led by local staff and we ensure our clients fully understand the cultural perspectives of their targeted business and the cost implication

Our Business Development Services Includes:

  • Advisory services that include CAC matters
  • Consultancy Services
  • Business Setup/Start up with current account opening with commercial banks
  • Policy Development
  • Control Strategies Implementations
  • Corporate Governance Consultancy Services
  • Brand Management
  • Write Users Guide
  • Sustainability
  • Human Resources Management

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